The Importance Of Writing Challenges In Writing

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How common is it that we want to write a productive essay but simply cannot because of certain writing challenges? Answers may vary, but if we aren’t completely familiar with the formal structures and styles of writing, then we will surely struggle. One of the most impactful writing challenges between people is writer’s block which refers to when a writer loses the ability to produce new material or faces a lack of creativity while writing. Another commonly made writing challenge is the failure to vividly convey the meaning behind a paper due to a lack of connection between the writer and the audience. However, even though those challenges may alter the quality of an essay massively and may seem unconquerable, it isn’t necessarily difficult…show more content…
Freewriting is typically referred to as a process in which a writer would simply write everything on his mind for ten to twenty minutes without stopping for anything. Thus, freewriting is also sometimes referred to as “automatic writing or “jabbering” due to its usual preset process (Elbow, 2012, p. 2). Accordingly, even though freewriting might seem as an odd technique, freewriting could be brought up as a written form of talking where editing is absent but ideas are not. Elbow (2012) explains this even further and states that “the main thing about freewriting is that it is nonediting. It is an exercise in bringing together the process of producing words and putting them down on the page” (p. 3). What makes freewriting so effective is the fact that it makes sure of concentrating the writers’ creativity into the content of an essay. Hence, securing creative content in papers before actually editing the structure and grammar which do not really require much deliberation. However, editing is also a necessary component into forming a good paper. Therefore, the freewriting process could particularly affect the quality of language in certain papers and thus, practice is needed in order to develop a way of freewriting where it complies with an involuntary habit of editing alongside

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