The Importance Of Essay Writing

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Writing is not only a mere written script that consists of words and phrases, but also it’s a go-between the writer and his soul. Primarily, writing is the utmost output of the human cognition and knowledge that are incorporated into a well-structured, tangible piece of art. Based on that, an Essay is this sublime, well-structured piece that is often Defined as a piece of writing that seeks to analyze and evaluate an issue. Fundamentally, any essay writer aims at reaching an apotheosis, perfection, and beauty in his writings as well as expressing his inner psyche. Hence, as an amateur essayist, essay writing is quite helpful for me since it helps me enhance my personal achievements, educate my readers…show more content…
We used to write essays like: What I'm going to be if I grow up.’ Lenny Bruce. Essay writing is quite advantageous for: constructing my imagination, widen my knowledge and help me set a clear objective for my life. In addition, essay writing offers a richly-rewarded opportunity to: pose worthwhile questions, evaluate the adequacy of my argument, and equips me with the communication and thinking skills I need to participate effectively in my community. Moreover, these opportunities are crucial to the improvement of my personal performance in which essay writing helps me anticipate my readers’ needs. Therefore, this would help me demonstrates an intellectual flexibility and maturity. Therefore, it’s highly needed for prominent education. As an amateur essayist, essay writing opens doors to versatile readers to be the focal point of my written productions. Namely, writing an essay includes cultivating and educating readers about my opinion, my culture, and my life. Accordingly, this artistic connection fosters my ability to explain a complex position to readers, and to myself, help readers give

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