The Importance Of Argumentative Writing

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As stated by Crowhurst (1991, p.314) arguing a case is particularly challenging, even though “it is influential both for academic success and for general life purposes”. Knudson (1994, p.211) also stated that, “argumentation is one of the genres which is key for full participation in society”. This genre of writing is the most crucial in academic writing especially at the tertiary level. Students are supposed to argue for their stand point in order to convince the readers. However, most ESL/EFL students struggle with the various difficulties in writing argumentative essays. They are unable to write due to insufficient skills in argumentative writing. Toulmin (1958, as cited in Connor, 1987) views the production of argumentative…show more content…
However, there are many various patterns of argumentative text than the classic form for the argumentative genre. According to Maccoun (1983, as cited in Hatch, 1992), there are several patterns for organizing argumentative discourse in a written prose. The first pattern is called a zigzag solution. This pattern could be organized into two alternative ways depending on a position that the writer holds. The outline would be pro, con, pro, con, and pro if the writer is a proponent of a position. And it would be con, pro, con, pro, and con if the writer is an opponent. The second pattern includes problem and refutation of the opposition’s argument followed by the solution and, like the first pattern, requires refutation of the opposition’s argument. The third pattern is the one-sided argument, the writer presents only one-sided point of view and there is no refutation presented. The fourth pattern is the pattern that the writer selects to reject some viewpoints and to accept…show more content…
The subjects of this study were 55 Thai undergraduates of Suranaree University of Technology. The written products were read and scored holistically by raters and scored analytically for the three separate Toulmin-based persuasiveness qualities including claims, reasons, and rebuttals to counter-arguments. The findings of the study presented that the genre-based approach facilitated students to produce the effective argumentative writing as indicated by the significantly higher gain scores of the experimental group on the first drafts’ development and organization of claims and rebuttals to

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