The Importance Of Journal Writing

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They say journal writing is waste of time. They say journal writing is waste of paper. They said journal writing is narcissistic expression. Well, I disagree with that. And here is why. Journal writing is beneficial because it reduces stress, boost emotional intelligence and improve your writing skill. Let me guide through each benefits. Firstly, studies have shown that journal writing reduces stress. When you pour out your problems, anger, sadness, disagreement, or bitter emotions into a journal, you are actually organizing your thoughts. When you do that, you are able to view your problems from a new perspective and solve the problem as you are not letting your emotion to cloud your judgment. You are actually expediting your problem solving ability through journal writing and thus reducing the stress of troubling situations. This is crucial for us students who face daily stress due to loads of assignments. We often let stress ruin our problem solving ability. Still in the same page, stress is linked strongly with negative feelings. Journal writing specifically gratitude journal helps us to get rid of those negative feelings. Here is how a gratitude journal works. You “list three or more aspects of each day for which [you]…show more content…
What is emotional intelligence? “Emotional Intelligence is the ability to perceive and manage your emotions, and that of others” (Thai Nguyen, 2015). According to Cathy Presland, a writer, people with high emotional intelligence are quick to identify and eliminate negative feelings upon facing a problem, and able to solve the problem effectively. This is because they are not letting those unpleasant emotion such as irritability to wrack their decision. This is related to my earlier point, journal writing expedite our problem solving ability as it reduces stress. When you have no stress, you have a clearer mind, thus solving problem can be effective and

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