The Importance Of Cursive Writing

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Personality is reflected in many ways, and cursive handwriting is one of the ways to flaunt who you are. The importance of cursive writing has become prominent due to a new system of teaching which no longer emphasizes cursive writing. However, according to Kayla Bell, “Brain connections are strengthened and supported through the physical act of writing.” The Common Core system that has taken over the classrooms with keyboards and technology is taking away all the benefits that handwriting has to offer. For cursive writing, it is not just personality that is being lost, but connections mentally as well. Children need cursive writing still as another option as well as keyboarding skills. Today schools are using the Common Core State Academic…show more content…
Well, we make better connections in our brains when we handwrite our notes. Writing, Typing, and even painting are all three different brain patterns and motor fineries (H). Engaging in writing activates trigger the brains motor skills/ pathways and that takes over and delivers all the learning benefits from it, so your brain is getting all this “brain food” (H). Learning cursive is a skill that is also a form of art, a way we represent ourselves. Cursive can also be helpful due to repetition since we copy what we read from the board onto the paper. There are less and less thank you cards or apology letters are being sent out anymore. Everything seems to be emailed or I’ll send someone a long text message saying sorry and that is acceptable…show more content…
Kids at schools are better off with just pencil and paper anyway since schools spend so much money on new equipment each year. Equipment gets broken, things are let out and mistreated, and students need to learn to have respect for their schools and all the belongings there before moving into the advanced technological world. Teachers soon move on over to the requirements of handwriting and what is needed in an essay, but that is really all writing is for, “that’s when we stopped hand writing and started teaching kids how to bubble” (B). If the cursive curriculum continues on the track it has been on in the last century, cursive could become a part of the past or just less common” (C). In some people’s words handwriting had its place in the world, now technology has taken over. “Probably older teaches think handwriting is more important than younger teachers, it’s not tested and nobody cares about anything not tested” (B). So basing it off of generations now, the older you are the more likely you are to agree with cursive sticking to the

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