Examples Of Discrimination In Society

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Discrimination is always an unhappy experience in our lives, eliminating discrimination in our society makes it more harmonious, being optimistic against discrimination is a big issue for anyone. But now a days we face very less dicriminatiob compared to people in the past, we should understand that many equal human rights enjoyed by our generation is because of the struggle of people in the past like zitkala sa and James Thomas Jackson. Background. Considering the stories of Zitkala sa and James Thomas Jackson, The common thing in both the stories is that both the authors faced Discrimination against them, Both of the stories, "The School Days of an Indian Girl" and "Waiting in Line at the Drugstore," stands as an evidence for how much discrimination…show more content…
Considering the case of Zitkala sa, it's evident through the way they treated the author and all other native american children in the school, like making them cut their hair short which is against their tradition which means short hair people are cowards, and even the way they are treated at eating, like having rules to eat that should be obeyed, and on the other hand, James Thomas Jackson was also discriminated against due to his race. He was not allowed to sit at the counter in the drugstore as all blacks have to stand and wait until all white people are served, if opposed, they were even beaten by the whites at the drugstore, which stands as a sign of discrimination cruelty in those…show more content…
She breaks a food jar of turnips while preparing the dinner, as a way of protest. Being unaware that this is intentional action from zitkala sa, staff do not punish her. When Jackson's story is considered, it' quite different from Zitkala Sa's story, as he had brought up in the situation, where discrimination is a pretty normal thing which he has been experiencing since childhood. Unlike Zitkala Sa, he chose a quiet way, which is better than doing nothing against it, anyway, though he faced discrimination, atleast a white waitress could learn to treat him better, Actions like these show however the way they protest, doing something helps to fight discrimination, as a result of these protests then by people like the both authors, we can say we have much less racism now.

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