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1. IDENTIFYING MARKET SEGMENT In order to market product, marketers must know what type of consumer that they want to target to ensure their product sold to the right market and to the right consumer. But how marketers can know specifically their target consumer in the huge market nowadays? Marketers tend to use segmentation to identify their consumer and use all the effective ways to ensure their product deliver to their target audiences. Segmentation is the way marketers grouping people or organizations as their prospect with sharing one or more characteristic that influence them to demanding similar product. According to Philip Kotler, market segmentation is the process of dividing a market into meaningful groups that are relatively similar…show more content…
All of the customer’s behaviour is different based on the age. For example, children is tend to influence their parents to buy something that related to what have their watched in cartoon, or something related to sweets or candies. This children is different from teenagers. Group of teenagers tend to buy product that up to date and look match with their age. They not buying product like children need anymore. 1.2.3 Gender Gender segmentation is clearly showed by the market of clothing, cosmetics, health care or magazine. In the market nowadays, automobile industries also apply this kind of segmentation to differentiate their market audience. It show by providing car with variety or colour, such as pink to women and apply some beneficial in the interior design like face mirror on the driver-side. 1.2.4 Income This segmentation has long been use in the market of goods that need to match with customer income, such as automobile, cosmetic, clothing, gadget travel agencies and many more. Usually, the product offered have their own brand and this make the product differ in term of pricing and customer income level. 1.3

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