Pros And Cons Of Social Media

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Most people believe that social media has more benefits than consequences. Social media, when misused, can be harmful. Kids, teens, and even some adults use social media all hours of the day. It has become part of this generation’s daily life. When people continuously use technology, it can be damaging to their personal life as well as their work life. Instead of communicating with someone face-to-face people would rather text or get on a social network. For most people, being without social media is almost impossible. The use of social media can have adverse effects such as cyberbullying, a negative impact on social skills, and puts complications in sports. According to, cyberbullying is bullying that takes place using electronic technology. Over the years, as technology has improved, the rates of harassment have increased. One reason that cyberbullying is becoming an issue on social media is…show more content…
Fans use social media to keep updates on stats, game times and dates, highlights from the most watched games, and even the personal lives of their favorite players or coaches. Although it might have benefits such as increasing the viewing rate or making a player famous, the disadvantages can often outweigh the benefits. A fan might approve of a player’s game performance, but if their actions on social media are deemed inappropriate, the desire to watch the player will decline. In the years before social media, players could have a wild night out, and the public may never be aware of it. Nowadays everyone has a phone that will video, and most have a social media app that will make the video viral within minutes. These things can hurt the brand of the team or the player immensely, as well impact the number of people watching causing the income from that game or season to
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