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Space Exploration: A Waste of Resources? From the beginning of time, human life has been awestruck by the curiosity of space; this curiosity led to the formation of myths about space exploration which began a debate that is still to this day heavily debated. In today’s times, all are aware that the myths formed centuries ago were, indeed, incorrect, however, they were right in the sense of starting a debate that has yet to be settled (Space). Many years after the formation of the myths, President John F. Kennedy gave his “man on the moon” speech which sparked a sense of hope and confidence in Americans through the thrill of space exploration. Although space exploration is still a heavily debated topic, it is wrongfully believed to be a waste of resources; however, space exploration provides us with knowledge, technology development, competition, and peace. A spending money machine, space exploration, has been thrown into a negative light with other topics such as: abortion, prostitution, etc. Explorations into space coextensive with other types of exploration tend to experience more failures than they do successes, but one success blurs out the many failures that came before. DeGroot says, ”NASA is still stuck in the 60’s, and the time has come to end these…show more content…
This uncontrollable craving for knowledge originates from the curiosity of anything and everything new to us. Space is the final frontier which attracts the curiosity that causes a desire to gain more information about it through explorations manned or not. While information is gathered through explorations of space, questions are formed and answered as well as solutions to problems on earth are found by the knowledge gained during the explorations. Knowledge is the key to survival in every situation. With space exploration we satisfy our curiosity, questions that are formulated are answered, and solutions are found

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