Social Networking: The Pros And Cons Of Social Media

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Social media is defined as "website and applications that enable users to create and share content", as stated by the Oxford Dictionary ("English Oxford Living Dictionaries"). Equally important, social media, to some, has become more prominent in their everyday life. Additionally, to most of the population, social media is the main way for people to connect with others and see other people's lives. Moreover, stated the number one con for social media was how it enables the spread of unreliable and false information. Opposed to the number one pro was how it spreads information faster than any other media. states one con of social media is that it enables the spread of unreliable and false information. Accordingly, Joanna…show more content…
For instance, Carolyn Bigda, a personal finance writer for Kiplinger's, states that "LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook are becoming popular avenues for employers to advertise jobs and find new hires" (Bigda 11). Also, Bigda reports many employers are now requiring an online application. In conjunction with this, Kristen Bahler, a reporter for Time magazine, says "about 60% of employers' screen candidates on social media" (Bahler 79). Additionally, Bahler suggests any social networking site to be free of anything that potentially causes uncomfortableness in interviews. Likewise, any bio on a social media site needs to be changed to a short story of work history and then use the rest of the page to add such things that do not fit on a resume. In addition, Bahler suggests uploading a copy of the resume to a smartphone; and in turn, will make answering job postings on the go easier. Additionally, another pro, according to, is that social media offers a way for musicians and artists to build audiences even when there is none. Likewise, Melissa Click, contributor of 'Popular Music and Society', reports that Lady Gaga has cultivated a large following on platforms such as: Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. Moreover, Gaga is "recognized as a pioneer for her use of online and social media to publicize her work and connect with fans" (Click 361). Also, in 2012, Gaga launched a social networking site for fans that required an invite. Equally important, Gaga publicly gives her fans credit for their creative work and their links to fan images and videos through social media. As well, "Gaga's relationship with fans, built in equal parts by her messages of empowerment and self-acceptance and by her intense engagement with fans through social media, is unparalleled" (Click 361). Along with this, "research on new media has explored the ways celebrities use social media to

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