Pros And Cons Of Social Media Essay

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Social media is comparatively to new occurrence that has erased away the occurrence of the past decades. Nowadays young adults are highly attached to their smartphones and laptops; and any electronic devices, which can be a platform for social networking. According to Chapman (2015), social media has become a smart way of how people interact to each other and build relationship in many different types of major social networking tools. For instants, blogging, twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. Each of these social networking tools has its own benefits like Facebook, young adults are more likely to use Facebook to obtain new friends and also to keep in touch with the family members who are stays across the country. Social media has its pros and…show more content…
They can easily log in to Facebook and creates their group and discuss over there, and need not to meet up and have discussion. Such as some students need to travel back to their states and not able to stay to make a discussion or the students can lay back at homes in a comfort way to discuss with the group mates. Add on, social media can be productive to students where they face some unsolvable questions, they can easily post up the questions to the internet to get the fastest response from the social media. Hence, social media can help to solve this problem in a fastest…show more content…
Research (Baun, 2009) shows that, he often-negative ways that the media portray mental illnesses is something of which many mental health consumers are painfully aware. Distorted and demeaning images of mental illnesses when presented to the public shape their attitudes and, in turn, influence their behavior. For instance, the movie of Harry Porter, e media use sensational language that tends to perpetuate myths and stereotypes regarding mental illness, promote fear in the community and lead to irresponsible conclusions being

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