Cardswap Case Study

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Recommendation to CardSwap mayor issues: 1. Hire a PR (Public Relations) Firm: Pros - Hiring a Public Relation Firm will help CardSwap increase credibility with their customers through a social media campaign and people will trust the brand. A PR firm can create strategic relations with other retail stores in order to increase profit, this will cause CardSwap to be better known by the costumers. Increasing the frequency with which customer’s shop, as it is found that it is 5 times easier to sell to an existing customer than to someone who never bought products or services, even it costs five times more to get a new customer than to get money of your own costumers. Cons - Even though it is a good option the company has to keep in mind…show more content…
Except for the flyers and newspaper, the rest is relatively expensive for a small or medium business, this will cause a major issue in the company that will cost more than the solution. 3. Obtain a Information System Specialist to integrate Riskfied (an anti-fraud system) Pros -Another problem of CardSwap is the gift card frauds so one of the most effective ways to neutralize this threat could be Riskfied which is a third party company in charge to provide security to their clients. The company Riskfied provides the following benefits: Never pay for a chargeback , eliminate false positive declines, constant review turnaround, Frictionless customer experience, reduce the cost of managing fraud Cons -Now a days, many programs can be hacked and neutralized which leads to a bigger threat that can harm CardSwap economically. 4. Hire delivery staff to substitute Canada Post Pros -Since the cost of Canada Registered was highly expensive, CardSwap could hire their own staff, this automatically will give an advantage to the company since they will not depend in other company to arrange their shipments. Making deals with several companies such as DHL, Fedex, UPS at the same time could also benefit the distribution velocity of the

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