The Pros And Cons Of Social Media In Sri Lanka

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Social media channels are fast growing in Sri Lanka with a substantial growth in internet connectivity. Facebook is outperforming than any other media and it is more popular in Sri Lanka than advertising on Google Ad words. Face book with approximate 2,900,000 users which is about 13.52% of Sri Lanka’s total population and 67.96% in relation to the number of internet users. In other words, more than half the internet users have Facebook accounts. Therefore, using Facebook as the distribution channel will create opportunities for the business. 1.1.4 Baby wear market in Sri Lanka According to the latest published data by the Medical statistics unit of the department of health Sri Lanka, the annual birth rate is 17.5 per 1000 population, which indicates that the market for infant baby wear and…show more content…
The first phase of the project was implemented on August 2015 by careful analysis of the current industry and the consumer’s perception of online retailing. The initial phase would be to set up an online retail store. This would be mainly through Facebook. The initial funding would be borne by the entrepreneur with an initial investment of Rs 1.5 Mn. The designing and manufacturing of products would be done by the entrepreneur herself with the help from her family and friends. Certain non-value adding activities would be outsourced to selected families. The sewing and storing would be carried out in a separate space of entrepreneur’s home. The second phase of the project would be to make the products available in local shops. This will expand the customer portfolio of “Baby buds”. The entrepreneur is in the initial discussion phase with some of the local shops in order to make the product available in their stores. In order to achieve the mentioned milestone, the entrepreneur anticipates to expand the manufacturing facility and recruiting more employees. The phase would start in the end of 2015 by analyzing the

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