The Pros And Cons Of Social Media

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Long time ago, what appeared on TV shows was the imagine of the future being a modern world where the use of technology becomes an important part in society. Today, where the development of technology has brought us to what is called social media, has become a controversy whether social media has a positive impact or not. Social media is a computer-mediated technology used to allow parties to share information, ideas, and other forms of expression through a virtual network. This means through social media we can share news, ideas, thoughts, and even memories to other people around the world through a network called the internet. In this way, communication interpersonally is made global, without no geographical limits. Social media has played lots in our everyday life for the most of people, and has become a trend, not discriminating age nor gender. The hype that social media has caused made the most of people become addicted¬ and…show more content…
Positive campaigns and awareness has been done through social media, again because the large range of social media users. Because of social media’s flexibility, almost anything can be done through social media. Because of the many advantages of social media, until this very year there are 2.34 billion social media users in this planet, 31.2% of this population. This means social media has been a very influential invention to society. What can change peoples’ ideas, political events, economic and financial status might be social media. This can be advantaging and also disadvantaging. The advantages people use was mentioned before, such as the ease of communication and information, for academic purposes, marketing, advertising, and positive awareness campaigns. But, the downfall of social media is the number of disadvantages it has. Many debate whether the disadvantages are overlapped by the number of advantages it has, and vice
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