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Pros and Cons for getting Obtaining Medications from Imprimus Imprimis Pharmaceuticals is a company which supplies inexpensive versions of generic drugs whose prices have dramatically increased. One of these drugs is a medication called Daraprim. Daraprim is an essentiel drug which treats patients who have been diagnosed with toxoplasmosis parasitic infections and have weak immune system. The MSF is the world's leading independent international medical relief organization. They have a choice between getting the medication supplied by Imperious or Turing. Looking at this situation from the point of view of Imprimis Pharmaceuticals Inc., there are many pros and cons to the decisions that they are making. Since Imprimis is selling the Daraprim…show more content…
This is an obvious pro since this could not only make companies buy more of the pill, but this could also make companies recognize that Imprimis is a better and more trustworthy supplier making companies more loyal to them. Also, Turing Pharmaceuticals is making the choice to sell this pill at a ridiculously high price of over 5000% what it was before. Because of this, Turing Pharmaceuticals have been facing a lot of controversy which includes verbal attacks from many people in the media including Hilary Clinton, Donald Trump, John Carroll(a respected biotech industry journalist) and many citizens who are outraged at the fact that they are selling an essential medication for such a ridiculous price. This becomes a positive for Imprimis because as a result of this, their rival Turing now has a tainted image in the eyes of the consumer because they are making business decisions based on whats most efficient for themselves instead of what is fair for consumers as a whole. Also, as a result of this controversy, a lot of trade groups sought to distance themselves from Turing Pharmaceuticals. Now that these trade groups have distanced themselves from Turing, this means that Imprimis can negotiate with the trade groups to see if they can make a deal…show more content…
As a result, they will be needing to restock on this medication since it is listed on the World Health Organization as an essential medicine. The problem is that if MSF chooses to get their supply from Imprimis, they will have to get the supply one patient at a time opposed to buying in bulk from Turing. This is a problem because getting the medication one patient at a time will take too much time and will result in patients having to wait for their pill which will all be a major inconvenience for all parties involved. Also, Imprimis selling the drug for so cheap means that they are giving up profit that they could have made had they raised the price a little bit. This is a con because although they are doing what is in the best social interest, they are giving up some of their self interest which is a bad financial decision. Also, since Imprimis is supplying a mixture of drug ingredients to treat patients prescription, a problem develops where more investigation will need to be done to see if theses “substitutes” will treat patients exactly as Daraprim does. As a result of this, Imprimis's formulation is not FDA approved meaning their drugs can only be used when prescribed by a doctor for a particular patient which is less convenient than Turing’s

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