High Noon And The Most Dangerous Game Analysis

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Everyday there are disagreements between people who are trying to decide if they should go to the right or left, or if the glass is half full or half empty. They have small arguments on the ways their opinions are different, even though there might be something similar between the two. Every person’s opinion and the way they take action is different depending on where they are coming from and what their previous experiences are. In movie High Noon and the story “The Most Dangerous Game”, there are characters that disagree because their ideas are coming from their past experiences or the things that are surrounded by. In both stories there are the main characters who have enemies that come up against them making the main characters need to fight back. In both of these their are different components that come into play that make up part of the story. In High Noon and “The Most Dangerous…show more content…
In High Noon Frank Miller was “sent up” for murder by Will Kane who says, “He was supposed to hang, but up north they commuted it to life. Now he’s free-I don’t know how. Any way, it looks like he’s coming back” (Foreman 295). After Kane and everyone in town knew that Miller was coming, they knew he coming to seek revenge on the person who put him away. In “The Most Dangerous Game” the antagonist, General Zaroff, has different intentions than Miller. As the story began, General Zaroff said “‘Life is for the strong, to be lived by the strong, and, if needs be, taken by the strong. The weak of the world were out here to give the strong pleasure’” (Connell 222). In these words the General shows that he does intend to get revenge on people, he intends show that he is strong and that he believes that he was put here for a reason. The difference between the movie and the story is that Miller intends to get revenge, but Zaroff only wants to prove he is strong for a

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