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In 1971 the first social interaction between computer users was first introduced through e-mail. Since then, networking has expanded dramatically, including the rise, and fall, of some social media websites. (Curtis, 2013). In 2002, a website known as Friendster was introduced to connect 3 million people through their computers on a single website. A copy of Friendster, known as MySpace, was introduced a year later and became the most popular social network. A few short years later, MySpace was outgunned by another site known as Facebook, to this day, Facebook remains as the world’s most popular and most used social networking site (Curtis, 2013). With the rise of social networks, social media soon followed. With a roughly twenty five percent of the world’s population…show more content…
A few other ‘experts’ have argued that social media can in fact lead to reduced productivity, relationship problems, spreading false information and even social isolation. They each provide a few valid points but evaluating each side of the argument has opened up societies eyes to the pros and cons of social media. A few argue that social media is a good influence on our society; through reducing communication barriers, helping job seekers and facilitating political change. Social media is great at reducing communication barriers by allowing families and friends to stay in touch with each other over long distances. It can also allow them to share videos and photos with each other, allowing them to share experiences with one another over long distances. It is also a great tool for job seekers and job recruiters. Nearly 93% of job recruiters use websites such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to find employees (Schawbel, 2012). Even if applicants don’t use Facebook or social media websites to find

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