Pros And Cons Of Networking In Dating Websites

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Networking in Dating Websites: Pros and Cons By Claudia Murrin In this fast-paced world, the versatility of the internet and digital platforms have been rendered useful for almost every aspect of our lives. Nowadays, everything has been digitalized and connected to the internet; more and more activities have taken place online, such as taking classes, managing your bank accounts, reserving your taxi… including your personal activities, like networking and even dating. There are many available options of dating websites out there, with the most popular ones being capable of raking up 35.000.000 unique visitors every month ( Most of the websites offer free registration with paid extra features. Aside from serving its actual…show more content…
The last thing you should expect is someone to ask you to fill out a form. Sometimes a more casual approach is better, especially when you are working in a creative field. We are all familiar with the jitters of the formal meetings, aren’t…show more content…
When people are in dating websites, of course they are expected to be approached. This makes people in dating websites seems more open and therefore, easier to approach; save you the worry of being coldly rejected after a long paragraph of how you are interested in them professionally. Cons: • Networking in dating website and apps might make you seem unprofessional. But you can always take a personal approach first; as a friend. Work your way up from there and show your qualities. But all in all, some people just can’t seem to wrap it around their head that dating websites and apps are basically just social medias; they were all about personal branding and soft-selling. • There will always be ones to say “This is a dating site. Take your biz somewhere else” Well maybe they are just not as open-minded as you are, or they are in some very serious business of finding life partner, but they won’t do any actual harm to you by sending those messages, would it? • Sketchy, unsolicited messages Some dating websites allow all users send any kind of message to anyone they like. Some messages might be provocative enough to make you rethink your existence, some messages are just downright disgusting and cheesy. This is something that can’t be prevented, even in the commonly used social

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