Kitchen Brigade Case Study

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Title: The easier life in the kitchen and in the hospitality industry through the kitchen brigade. Introduction Many people dine at restaurants and hotels but are unaware of the system used within the kitchen. They simply go to enjoy the food, unaware of how it is prepared. Interestingly, the kitchen is run by a Kitchen Brigade system which is a hierarchy system created by the famous French chef, Georges Auguste Escoffier in the 1800s, to ease and simplify the operations of a kitchen. Also signifies effective work inside a kitchen (, Online. 2017). Escoffier is known as “the king of chefs and the father of kitchen brigade,” who received a global status as manager of the kitchens at the Savoy Hotel 1890 to1899. (Auguste Escoffier,…show more content…
The kitchen brigade clearly states what things should be done in the kitchen, how should be done, how and when it should be done and discovers whether the tasks have been carried out. As a future hospitality manager, I have chosen the topic kitchen Brigade because I have noted that kitchen brigade is very important to both managers and employees in a workplace. If I can apply the basic variation of Escoffier's kitchen brigade am sure that as a future leader or manager I will be able to provide the guideline that will help employees to perform vital tasks to stay competitive in the market. Train and educate staff to increase the knowledge about kitchen activities and promote teamwork to improve communication. Promoting wearing of the uniform for safety purpose and for the chef to look professional. Advantages of a proper summary of a company’s structure are that the structure makes easier to add new positions in the company, as well, providing a flexible and ready means for…show more content…
It may become unclear exactly who has the last accountability for what needs to be done. Organizational structure develops working productivity by providing simplicity to the staff at all stages of a company. (Organizational structure, Online. 2017) Research Questions: What is the different between classical kitchen brigade and modern kitchen brigade? The Classic kitchen brigade refers to the way the kitchen in restaurants and hotels are set up, with a hierarchy of positions and responsibilities and duties to go along with each position. Modern kitchens are attractive and stylish and are really suited to those that want their kitchen to be a real work of art. Efficient and fashionable, the modern style makes use of sharp, straight lines and block shapes, as opposed to the curves and organic shapes that are common within the traditional kitchen. (Classical vs Modern kitchen, Online.

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