Parent Classroom Reflection

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Monday: 7:45-12:00 Today was busy. My mentor worked on getting things ready for the Parent Teacher Conferences during the week. I observed her rechecking students on their letter ID’s. I also was able to observe more draft book time. My mentor became extremely distressed during the draft book time because she wanted the students’ work to be the best work for the conferences. However, one student drew her family with too short legs and my mentor fussed at her and erased the work and had her redo the drawing. Therefore, when the students went to recess with the assistant I decided to see if I could help her stress level. I asked if it would help to split the draft book group into two groups. I could take three students and she could take three…show more content…
The students were excited about drawing the parts of an apple and labeling each one. They all did a fabulous job and they were so focused. I was incredibly proud of all of the students. I also put my reflection from yesterday to use. I made sure to ask beforehand how to proceed with my group. Then I went into detail how the students were to complete the work. I made sure that each student understood the…show more content…
I thought about how I struggled the day before. Therefore, I made sure I understood what the goal of draft book time was today. I also made sure that the students understood. Communication was the issue and understanding that made for a better and more beneficial day. Thursday: 7:45-4:00 Today was incredible. The students were so sweet today. I love the long day during the week because I am able to see more of what goes on in the classroom. The students also love when I am there all day because they tell me everything and they love showing me their work. I always make sure to look at it and encourage them. Today was also special because I was able to sit in on a conference. I found this beneficial because I have never been to a conference before. My mentor explained the curriculum to the parents. She explained the student’s scores and how well the student was doing in class. She also made sure that the parents did not have any more questions before they left. She kept the meeting positive and showed the parents the work the student was currently working on during

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