The Disparity Between Intellect And Character Robert Cole

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In “The Disparity Between Intellect and Character”, written by Robert Cole, one student comes to speak to him about the morals that other students seem to be lacking. One example that really bothers her is that despite one of her fellow student’s good grades in moral reasoning courses, the student acts rude and ill mannered to those around him. Her point is that while colleges are so focused on providing students intellect, they forget to teach the students moral values. The purpose of college is for academic learning. Moral values can not be taught in a classroom over the course of a semester or two. It is something that must be instilled in everyone through actions they see from a young age and/or through hands on experience. To understand moral values, one must understand this on their own and not have it forced down their throat, such as in a classroom.…show more content…
When you look at a young adult and examine his upbringing, his habits will mirror that of his parents. If his parents are kind and caring people with moral values, then this is usually how the child is as an adult. A friend of mine is one of the most hospitable people I know and when I asked him where he had learned this great trait from he told me that growing up his parents always had guests in the house. What he saw as a kid impacted him greatly and created his moral path and standards. The same is said for parents who do not set good examples and values. A friend of mine uses the most profane language and after staying by his house for a weekend I understood why. Throughout the weekend his parents had conversations and used language that shocked me. A child is not brought up sitting in a classroom being taught moral values, but learns them from childhood

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