Parent Involvement: Video Analysis

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Reflection: Parental Involvement Parental involvement is extremely important. The impacts of parental involvement are enormous. Students score higher on test, higher attendance, better self-esteem and fewer instance of violent behavior. Epstein, J. (1987). Parental involvement is the key to a student’s success. The more parents are involve the more motivation the students have to do better in school. Parent’s involvement is evident in how the student performs at school. According to the video, “Parent Reflects on Building Relationships with Teacher,” constant communication between the teacher and parent is very important. The parent in the video reflected on the constant positive communication she had with her child’s teacher. In addition,…show more content…
I have had the opportunity to see the positives in being involve in a child’s learning. At a young age I began helping my younger sibling who at the time was classified with speech impairment. Through her first few years of school she struggle with language, reading, writing and communicating with other. I have always been very involved and seen her changed over the years. At home I have always taken the time to complete home-based activities. In addition, I have always exposed her to story books. Coleman, 2013 States, “Study showed that children’s exposure to story books at home while in kindergarten was related to the development of language”. (p.53) Children like my younger sibling that have language disabilities benefit enormously from story books exposure at home. As a sibling my involvement in her education has motivated her to do better in school and not allow her language disability to stop her from always trying her best. At this point in her life she is 15 years old and is able to communicate better. However, she continues to struggle with writing and language skills. Now that she is a young teen she is able to express her thought and feeling more. From time to time she expresses her gratitude in regards

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