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Education for All or EFA movement is a global commitment to provide quality basic education to all children, regardless of their gender or race, youth, and adults. During the UNESCO Educational World Forum in 2000, 164 countries made a commitment to achieve EFA and its six identified goals by the year 2015. The first goal is to expand early childhood care and education in the country. It aims to improve education especially to the most vulnerable and disadvantaged children. Goal number two is to provide free compulsory and quality primary education to all children, particularly to girls, children who are differently-abled and to those who belong to the minorities. The third one is to promote learning and teach the young children and adults…show more content…
The Philippines have been and is still making efforts into achieving them. Based from the 2013 EFA report of the Philippines, there have been a number of educational gaps indicated and the indicators mostly points out that boys are the most disadvantaged and affected of the said gaps. The report said that gender pattern in the country is different compared to other states in which girls are the more disadvantaged ones. In the country, boys are at a disadvantage as they leave school early even before they complete their basic education and their literacy and academic achievement rates are lower compared to others. In my own opinion, it seems like these boys are the ones affected by child labour as they are the ones being pulled out of school to work and earn for their own families, as we can see in a lot of documentaries shown by the media. Based from the same reports made by UNESCO, it was said that another problem in the country was the lack of quality infrastructures to secure a good learning environment for the students. Hundreds of students share on one computer unit and lack of classroom and learning materials are only a few of the problems faced by the country. With these situations, it seems that the schools are not conducive enough to provide quality…show more content…
One of which is to improve EFA monitoring and evaluation. With this, they will be able to properly evaluate whether the programs they are implementing is appropriate and is working or if it needs certain improvements which can help in having a positive impact in regards to achieving the EFA goals. Another one mentioned is revitalizing the purpose of Alternative Learning Systems. As said earlier, it is a program providing basic and functional competencies to out-of-school youth which can help them develop basic and functional literacy which are very much helpful for their everyday lives. The government needs to properly promote and encourage those people qualified to enroll in the said programs in order for them to develop their literacy and basic

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