Classroom Management Philosophy Statement

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Now that I have a classroom management philosophy it is time for me to reflect on my beliefs. Even though, I have not yet tested it out fully I have had a glimpse of my philosophy in action during my field experience hours. I believe that my classroom management plan will provide my student with a safe and supportive learning environment because my whole philosophy is based on influencing my students rather than controlling them. I want to create a community of caring and let my students have an input in what they are learning and how they are taught. The community I intend on creating will provide a safe place for students to be themselves. Getting my letting involved in their own learning will provide the support they need to be successful.…show more content…
I intend to get to know my students through learning about their interests. By doing this I will be able to differentiate them and will also be able to incorporate their interests into my class activities. On a more face to face level I will begin with assigned seats and name tags that students will make and display on their desks. I will greet every student by name at the door in order to gauge how they are feeling that day and again get to know them. Another strategy I will use to get to know my students is by having them complete a classroom journal. Each day for the warmup I will have a short prompt for my students to write about as a journal. The journals will stay in the classroom and will be read only for me to get a sense of who all of my students are. Although this sounds like a lot of work I really do want to get to know each and every one of my students on a personal…show more content…
The family of students in my class will be constantly involved and always know what is going on in my classroom. To ensure that family members know that I expect out of students I will send a copy of the classroom rules and expectation home for parents to sign and read over. If they have any questions I will supply my email address and phone number so that families can get in touch with me when needed. I also plan to keep communication open by providing a weekly schedule of what will be going on in class. I would also like parents to sign this to make sure that they know what is going on in my classroom that week but that may be a little

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