8 Principles In The Classroom

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DEPOSITS are the principles that every teacher and teacher candidate should think about in the classroom. DEPOSITS give a clear understanding of the expectations of the teacher. The roles of the teacher are to be a motivator, role model, and provider of knowledge. This is in regards to what a teacher should stand for and what they wish to strive for their students. There are 8 principles that will guide the learning of the teacher candidate. The principles that they will carry with them when working in the education system. Deposition means productive dispositions positively affect learners, professional growth, and the learning environment. The disposition of a teacher is very important. The way the teacher takes charge in the classroom…show more content…
Even the teacher is learning. The teacher grows at the same rate as the student. While the students are growing from an academic stand point, the teacher is gaining wisdom from experiences that could only be taught from watching others develop and grow. Another thing to remember is that a process takes time. For example, as the teacher introduce a new concept. The concept is not just thrown out to the student all at once. The concept has to be broken down in a way where the students can understand in sections. After the student gets that building blocks then they are able to understand different levels of the concept. The process of learning is in steps. Ownership are professionals are committed to and assume responsibility for future of their disciplines. Ownership is very important in the classroom, when you set certain grown rules for the students to follow it sets the foundation for the rest of the year. Taking ownership is taking responsibility to any positive or negative outcomes in the classroom. For example, when the students of the classroom do not meet the testing scores from the standardized test, the teacher should take owner ship. The teacher will also take ownership of the positive outcomes from the…show more content…
Technology is a tool used to help learning and teaching run smoothly. Now and days technology is a key resource of information. Students are able to get on the computer and research a topic for a paper or even get clarity on a concept that they may not have understood in class. Although technology is very helpful, it has its negative side. Student now have cell phone that they carry with them all the times. They have social media, games, and messaging. All these things can be a distraction to the classroom setting. They are distracting their leaning and the peers around them. Take control of the classroom and know when the technology is appropriate. Standards meaning evidence-based standards systematically guide professional preparation and development. Standards are the guide to the classroom. Since there standardized test the standards act as a study guide for what will be on that test. Standards give structure to the classroom and organize the lesson plans for the teacher. The standards are a reflection of what a student should know by the end of the year, so that when they transition to the next grade there isn’t a gap of information

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