Educational Problems In Education

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The stemming of formal education was mainly to cater for the economic demands in the industrial revolution. Currently, the role has shifted to meeting the requirements of a society that is hyper-connected, and in a constant state of change. However, the state of education as we have it now does not sufficiently cater for the same. This is because of a number of challenges that the education system is facing, as well as the paradigm shift that learning has taken since the birth of formal education. The question that lingers today is that how important education is to our society (Bybee 4). Civilization has been transmitted over the years through education. The brightness and someone’s capability to prosper is always said to be dependant on how…show more content…
Students have a working mind that their future prosperity is as a direct consequence of how well they perform in school. As a result, they are strongly focused on getting good grades through every means possible. Ironically, economic and social problems that are supposed to be tackled once these students finish their education, are still the problems that we talk about today. This is a clear indication that the education been received does not help when it comes to actual problem-solving and decision making. Unlike the society, education system has remained resistant to change. As mentioned earlier, formal education was introduced in order to tackle economic issues back in the industrial age. Therefore, education today should focus on tackling issues that are present. Learning should mean that one can think alright and have a lot of knowledge (Nickerson 5). Schools are obviously too structured to include new things in the curriculum and learners are more concerned with good grades rather than the learning process itself. Low marks are not always a reflection of a person’s intelligence. For example, some physical factors such as illness when taking the exam, or distractions due to psychological stresses may cause one to fail in a paper. Some students also find the nature of exam rooms suffocating, which prevents them from thinking freely. As such, to ensure a learner has actually received education as intended he or…show more content…
They have little or no idea about what goes on at school, except what they see on the report cards (Boyer and Hamil 4). Students lack enough time to study during school hours and often require a few more hours to study at home. However, with parents not being involved enough, students do not have someone to push them. The reality is some parents require their children to do well in school, but they do nothing whatsoever to aid in accomplishing the same. Schools and the curriculum in itself, has been a factor that constantly affected the state of education in Canada. Clearly, the system worked in the past, but it has aged to a point that it is barely working. The solution that many innovators have come up with is that in order to improve the current state of education, the whole system has to be torn down for it to be rebuilt anew, with the elements that are essential for this generation. For instance, some students wonder they should be forced to take science classes when they could be taking more art and music classes. The rigid structure has also contributed a lot to the lack of critical thinking among students (Bybee 2). The idea of freedom of thought is minimal because they only need to follow what in outlined in the syllabus and that is seen as

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