The Importance Of Involvement In Education

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Parents, families, communities, and educators play a major role in the development of a child. Not only do parents and families have the vital role in their child’s education, but also the community has the responsibility to ensure that all children receive a high-quality education. Children need to grow up in a positive learning environment where they can grow as confident learners. When teachers and parents get together to discuss the children learning and plan ways to achieve their learning outcomes, they create a safe and effective learning environment. In the past, most mothers would volunteer to get involved in their child’s classroom, such as help organizing fundraising events or chaperoning the students. Nowadays, schools use…show more content…
School-based involvement can include parents in attending or volunteering in events or parent-teacher conferences by they are not limited to do so. In contrast, home-based involvement includes practices, e.g. providing homework, discussing school events and work. Olmstead breaks parent involvement into two categories, “reactive” or “proactive”. Reactive involvement includes activities like attending meeting or volunteering. Proactive involvement is more of activities that include parents helping their child with homework, staying updated about school events, and knowing about their child’s learning progress (Olmstead, 2013). Parent involvement is also occasionally referred as “parent voice” and “parent presence”. They are briefly related, which causes them overlap. Parent voice explains the right parents have to speak out their minds regarding their child’s educational experience and everyday life inside and outside the school. Whereas, parent presence explains their involvement in their child’s education. Researchers findings have suggested that as long as parents keep getting involved in education could be one way to reduce the achievement gap between

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