A Discourse By Three Drunkards Analysis

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A Discourse by Three Drunkards on Government by Nakae Chomin explores the various values and ideas of three men, in regards to the future of Japan. This trio consists of the Gentleman, who enjoys Western ideals; the Champion, who prefers traditional Japanese values; and Master Nankai, a sage who enjoys to drink and talk politics among others. This story uses these characters, primarily the Gentlemen and the Champion, to represent political views that were present in Japan during the Meiji Period. Of the many themes discussed among them is the idea of novelty versus nostalgia, which grew into a central argument. “Novelty” or new, in this case, represents the Western influence that was entering Japan at the time; these ideas became popular with…show more content…
In response to this inquiry, the Champion says that he thinks the nostalgic element should be removed. This man, who favors the traditional values of Japan over the Western ideals states that the element that he belongs to should be expelled, and he even goes on to state that nostalgia is a cancer and must be cut out. This brings confusion to the Gentleman and even possibly to Master Nankai, though the latter does not comment on this statement. Looking at this part of the discussion on a surface level brings some confusion, but carefully analyzing the Champions words allows some insight into his reasoning. He understands that his nostalgic views that he and many other share are the reason that Japan may not evolve and climb the path of civilization. He knows that he and everyone who favors nostalgia are a cancer to Japan; to resolve this, he states that he will remove the nostalgic people, including himself by invading another country to establish their society elsewhere. If this was to fail, then their bodies will be left in the battlefield of a forgotten land. Either way, the Champion states they would be removed from Japan (Chomin 114). This idea is rather extreme, but it is interesting to see that he is willing to expel himself and other of his same views to another country for the improvement of Japan. Master Nankai does not comment on this, but from what is known of his political values, this solution could be a devastating action for the people of Japan to

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