EGT1 Task 3

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Action: What do we need to do? As a professional I am legally obligated to report my suspicion of abuse to Child Protection (DEECD & DHS, 2010, p.14). For ethical reasons I will not discuss the circumstances of the child ‘with others not directly involved in helping the child’ (Watts 1997, 42). This will act to keep the information private, protecting Oliver, and also protecting me from potential legal action from his parents by staying ‘in accordance with the legislation’ (DEECD & DHS, 2010, p. 15). After my discussion with Oliver I will record what he has said and any behavioural indicators I noticed. Following this I will report to the principal and to Child Protection. I have chosen to report to Child Protection due to the nature of the abuse which is potentially persistent and indicative that the safety and stability of the child is seriously impacted on (DEECD & DHS, 2010, p. 16). I have chosen to report to the principal to seek support for both myself and Oliver within the school. Information to report: DEECD & DHS…show more content…
I have chosen this program as many children lack the understanding of what is appropriate touching and this program provides ‘opportunities for children to identify wrong touching’ (Briggs & McVeity 2000, p. 105). Furthermore, often children have trouble saying no to adults due to the power relationship between them. This program helps to ‘practice saying ‘No’ to unwanted or inappropriate touching’ (Briggs & McVeity 2000, p. 105). Lastly, children are not always aware that they can inform others to help themselves and often abusers scare them into silence. This program helps children to understand they can inform a responsible adult if someone touches them in an unwanted way, or if they are confused about what is inappropriate touching and to keep telling responsible adults until someone helps them (Briggs & McVeity 2000, p.

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