Importance Of English As A Global Language

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English has evolved in various forms over the years and affected the world in many ways. For native speakers in one way developed for good but in another had their language modified. Wherein the non-English speakers didn’t understand the importance of speaking English, when they already have their own mother tongue. All the doubts and loses are always a mystery to human kind. This essay talks about the reasons for English being considered as a global language and how its history has impacted in today’s world. The key point is that English evolves depending on where it is used. English became a global language when the powerhouse Britain and USA took over the economy, politics and business sectors of the world. As a result, for the non-English…show more content…
They neither remember their own yearly calendar nor their country music. Barbara Wallraff, the author of “What Global Language” had different thoughts and views about the language since to him learning a grabbing a new language for Asian people or any non-natives for that matter was not an easy go, they had to study for months and years to get the knowledge. When non-natives learn a new language at an early age, they go on to forget their mother tongue since the education system is in English and children only get to know about their own language and culture just a little. Their love for the traditional culture disappears and all they know is their secondary language English. English being on the verge of achieving global status “Kim Dae Jung told his citizens that there was an urge need for them to learn English. Students at the country’s three military academics will be expelled if they cannot speak English” (Bollag, para 18). Here the citizens lose their rights of speaking their language Korean and their love for the country. If English in not the mother tongue, people will have mixed feelings towards any global language which is natural, why should anyone lose their mother tongue for something they do not approve of – “language marches, language hunger strikes, language rioting, language deaths are a fact in several countries” (Crystal, 179). This illustrates the fact different countries fight over what is there right to have their own language and power in their country. Not knowing the culture of their beloved country is a shame, apart from the cultural conflict; politics, economics, laws and rights always plays an important role in a person’s life where they are forced to use English even if they are not interested of using

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