Essay On Globalization And Diversity

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Globalization and ELT Rowntree (2009) opened the first chapter of the book, Globalization and Diversity, by introducing the most noticeable element which people around the world face in the 21st century: it was globalization, the growing interconnectedness of people and places through converging processes of economic, political, and cultural changes. It is an obvious trend that today's world is becoming increasingly global, open, and dynamic. The boundaries and limits of the past continue to diminish, and the stage of human existence has expanded to a global scale. The focus on human bonds is moving from nation states to a global society. Accordingly, this mega phenomenon has been opening a new chapter in human history (Jo, 1996). Over the last half century, the explosive growth in information technology, combined with the globalization and easy access to other cultures, has allowed people to think of themselves more as citizens of the world than of a particular nation (Delors, 1996). Even though the process of globalization inspires a lot of disagreement concerning its nature and impact, one point of agreement is that its process is seemingly irresistible behind this momentum. According to the World Trade Organization,…show more content…
It is the latter factor which continues to explain the world position of the English language today (much to the discomfiture of some in Britain who find the less of historical linguistic pre-eminence unpalatable). The USA has nearly 70 per cent of all English mother-tongue speakers in the world (excluding creole varieties). Such dominance, with its political/economic underpinnings, currently gives America a controlling interest in the way the language is likely to develop. (p.

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