Employability In Multinational Corporation

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CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION 1.0 Overview In this particular chapter, it critically reviews about the background of the issue under study. Besides, it discuss about the background of research that highlight the important of the issue under study. Moreover, this study will provide short statements on the real problem that lead to the study. It also draws attention to identify the important questions to be answered that is interrelated to the research objectives. Brief key terms, factors and theory also included under this chapter. This particular chapter also highlight the organization of the whole thesis according to each chapter. 1.1 Introduction Central to the concept of “employability” is the acquirement of the right qualities of knowledge, skills,…show more content…
This research is on the factors that cause the graduates employability in Multinational Corporation which excludes English language skills, employability skills or soft skills importance, and internship experience of graduates. The character of a language is very important in today’s world. English has been declared as the leading language of international business (Rivers et al, 2008). Hence, as English becomes a main international language for communication internationally, it demands the need for specific course content for the personal professionals working in international business atmosphere as we see reasons across the nations for professionals working in such environments to own a good command and expertise in English (Julie,…show more content…
Current graduates have not acquired the qualities needed to successfully employ in Multinational Corporation in our rapidly changing world (Richard, 2011). In order to successfully employ in Multinational Corporation, graduates should possess qualities such as employability skills or soft skills, English language skills and internship experience. When graduates own all the qualities stated, it will able to enhance graduate’s employability in Multinational

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