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Language Man has been reported as not only homo-sapiens, homo- ergaster, homo-habilis but homo-loquens too. He lives in a world of language. Either he is at home or at school, at office or at play ground he talks to different people and he is talked to as well. So the knowing of a language becomes a significant issue for every child of human species. This knowing primarily includes the capacity of producing of some specific sounds which signify some particular meaning for the speaker as well as the hearer of the same language. It is quite interesting to know that this knowledge is used unconsciously by the speaker of a language. Though all languages of the world may be called as rule governed systems of sounds yet these systems are different…show more content…
However, the status of English is unique at global level. No other language is so widely used by the communicators in this world. No country of the globe can think of progress while ignoring the role of English language as a means/source of knowledge transference from culture to culture and region to region. The use of latest technology binds the man of today to equip himself with good competence of English if he desires to harness maximum utility of modern devices coded with commands in no other language but…show more content…
But the other mind-set mirrored another fact by saying that the period of one and a half century has made English language an integral part of our educational system and any altogether or sudden change will cause injury to educational objectives. ‘English is one of the major languages of world, and the people of this area can neglect its study at the risk of loss to themselves’. (Maulana Azad) However, English was constitutionally opted as an official language but for the short span of fifteen years in order to make room for replacement by Urdu. Since then till today the enigma is unsolved. Now English language is being used as a means of communication along with other regional varieties with the exception it retains as a forceful stream of sharing at certain levels of

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