Importance Of Global Citizenship

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EMILY Sitting on my big brown suitcase that was heavily packed in the middle of nowhere in Shanghai China on 13th September 2016, my left hand holding firmly on to my other 26kg of allowed flight baggage and my tennis racquet bag hanging loosely from my back as I desperately tried to balance my blue handbag that constantly kept competing with the black bag that hang from my shoulders on who can slide down my arms the fastest. I felt lost and alone, my bags were not the only thing I was balancing but my tears as well as I tried not to cry uncontrollably. It had been thirty minutes since the taxi driver had left me abandoned on the street and all I saw when I looked around were buildings written in Chinese and a street full of people who walked…show more content…
In my case for example studying in China, has given me the confidence and experience through understanding how systems work and relating it to what can be done in my country to make it better. I feel empowered to lobby and influence decision making in my country as a global citizen! My interactions with people from different nationalities has taught me how people think, their approach to situations and if as a global citizen I have to be an agent of change I need this perspective for future influence. In understanding ones culture there has to be respect for their culture. Global citizenship nurtures personal respect and respect for others, wherever they live. It encourages individuals to think deeply and critically about what is equitable and just, and what will minimize harm to our planet. How did I end up on the streets? You might still be thinking, My agitate had started when I realized that the smartly dressed man whom I had paid at the counter and had communicated to me in English was not the one to drive me to my destination as he pointed to the man seated on the driver’s seat of the black car as he put my luggage in the car. At this point I strongly advise against trusting strangers! Throughout the journey I noticed that the driver could not speak in English as I tried to engage him in conversations but he just looked at me. I sat there silently looking outside the window to experience China later I fell

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