Reflection Of Observation In Engineering

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Man created a square Tyre. Once the square wore out he realized the rounded edges were better and created a circle. Other men used his design. We cannot learn everything on our own. Observation alone takes too much of time, hence we need to learn from the successes and failures of ourselves and others. The best place to Learn and acquire this is university as we come across several people with varied experiences and a melange of backgrounds. The teachers are the cherry on the cake. With their experience they add a whole new dimension to the process of learning. Ripping things apart is something every child does and every parent’s nightmare. I took this meddlesome behavior to a whole new level of breaking down objects and putting them together…show more content…
Though my path to my Bachelors was straightforward, the path through my Bachelors was a little convoluted. Being a hands-on person, my theoretical knowledge was slightly below par. This resulted in a dip in my grades. Though it was…show more content…
This kept me motivated throughout my course. Though low scores are considered to be a weakness, I look upon it as a blessing in disguise as it gave me the ability to identify the areas that required improvement. It also gave me the motivation to work hard as I was in a do or die situation. In order to keep the fire in me ignited despite the downfalls I faced, I undertook the Certified Welding Inspector Course conducted by the American Welding Society and became a Certified Welding Inspector (AWS-CWI). Through this course I learned the nuances of welding and a detailed study of material properties of different metals. During the time I had also learned about various metal Testing/ Inspection methods, Non Destructive Testing (NDT) methods and finally went on to become a Certified Welding Inspector. During my Bachelors I worked on several projects. My pet project was one that involved the Design and fabrication of a coil winding machine. It gave me real time fabrication experience and I learnt the process that goes into the development of a project, right from identifying the problem to developing a sustainable product, thereby encompassing all pertinent

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