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Book talk Question Answer guideline. My book is A Moveable feast, by Ernest Hemingway. He was the most obnoxious and incredible writer i've ever read. It's about a young extremely poor writer (Ernest Hemingway) and his journeys throughout Paris. The book is centered around him, tons of amazing writers and the city itself. He speaks of many people he met who evolved him and his writing, things he loved doing, along with things that he didn't. You get a feel of his life style, preferences, struggles and the electric vibes of the city. Ernest Hemingway- He was the writer and told all about his journey, emotions and thoughts throughout the text. Scott Fitzgerald- Although he doesn't appear until much later in the novel, the largest chapter was focused on him along with the major influence he had on Hemingway and his writing. He was a very good…show more content…
He had often spoke of how happy she made him throughout the novel. They always had many disagreements, yet he never failed to write about his love for her. I'm not really sure what happened. 4) A moveable feast took place in Paris, France. It took place throughout different quadrants of the city. He lived in the rather poor part which was where he often, ate, wrote and drank at. He often alternated between two main parts of the city. He often went to the more expensive parts of the city to go to horse races, meet friends and enjoy walking around in the atmosphere. 5) Text to text: I connected this novel to his other work because it shows how his writing had evolved along with his personality. He had turned corners from many different struggles in life along with going from one extreme to the other. I find it interesting how, in Paris he had longed after money yet when he got it, he realized it wasn't genuinely what he had wanted. Eventually he had accomplished everything he had set out to in terms of writing, yet it still was never enough for him and it shows throughout all of his

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