Why Do English Use Hegemony

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IS THERE A HEGEMONY OF ENGLISH IN CHINA? Zhou Yijie ID: 1405022 With the development of the society and technique,the finance and culture has been globalized. English has generally been considered as a global language by the first and second dispersal (Wikipedia.2014). Consistent with the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary (Oxford, 2010,p724), it means something is under control of another country or organization. Therefore language hegemony could refer to the phenomenon in which a foreign language enter into the country and become an urgent thing both in politics and finance. Finally it becomes a crucial part of the Chinese society. This essay will discuss the reasons why English do not have hegemony in China. First, Putonghua and dialects are still been applied everywhere in daily life. They are been used to chat or bargain…show more content…
A survey conducted in China shows that 67.4% of those people who have received education higher than junior high school have learned at least one language of other country. As the table 3 shows, 93.8%of people who study foreign languages choose English (SGO.2006). Wei & Su (2012) indicates that English will keep the first class of the most popular language in China. According to the table 4, 7.3% people studying English use it ‘often’ while 69.4% says they seldom use it. Most people learn English from primary school at the aim of passing the exam. In their eyes, English is no more a language but a tool helping them achieve high marks. Further more, it is strange and rare to see people use English to communicate and buy things when they are all Chinese. Though many foreign companies come into existence in China, Putonghua is still the official working language in Chinese society. To sum up, considering the frequency of using English, it does not have the hegemony of language in

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