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Cheyanne McNichols English 2367, Composition II Professor Allison February 16, 2018 Captain America: The True Symbol of the American Identity and Dream What is the American identity? What is the American dream? The American identity is everything that makes America what it is and can be summed up in 5 key points which are democracy, equality, freedom, opportunity, and rights. The American dream is all about equality and the ability to achieve success through hard work. American ideals constitute the ability of achieving greatness without societal boundaries, which is what most people strive to do. These two concepts work together to form what America is all about and basically form Captain America’s beliefs. He is the epitome of America from…show more content…
Before Captain America was a great hero, he was just an ordinary guy named Steve Rogers. The main goal for Steve Rogers was to be in World War II so he could fight for his nation, but he could never pass his physical evaluations. Steve Rogers was scrawny and weak, but he wasn’t going to let that stop him and eventually he got recruited to be the first test subject for the Super Soldier Serum. After finishing the procedure he was ready for whatever the world threw at him, which was the war at first, but he didn’t stop there. Steve Rogers went on to be the symbol of America that everyone loved, Captain America. Although they are the same person, Captain America wouldn’t be anything without Steve Rogers; Captain America may have the superhuman abilities, but Steve has the heart to never give up. According to William Pietz in Captain America: The Epitome of American Values and Identity, “The drugs administered by the United States government may have given the Captain an advantaged start, but his success is certainly attributed to his continued hard work” (Pietz 16). Hard work, never giving up, and standing up for what you believe in to achieve greatness is what America is all about and that’s also what Captain America is all about…show more content…
Captain America represents the American dream and so he also, therefore, represents the American identity because he fights for the 5 ideals of democracy, equality, freedom, opportunity, and rights. In the comic book, Captain America #180, by Steve Englehart, Captain America says, “I cannot represent the American government; The president does that. I must represent the American people” (Englehart et al #180). Captain America says this to show that he stands up for the American ideals of democracy and equality. Democracy is when the citizens exercise power, but most people know that politics are not ran as they were designed to be. Captain America knows this too and would rather represent the citizens and give the American people a voice. The government is also known to be on a higher level of power even though democracy is supposed to be about equality. Captain America does not just want to represent the citizens of the United States, but put Americans on the same playing field as the government in order to allow equality to spread once more. Although Captain America represents democracy and equality there are 3 more ideals that he also

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