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English is universally recognized as a global language and is the dominant language of business throughout the world, and as globalization takes place, English is expanding. There were periods of time in the past when speaking English as a second language was a marker of the elite, the upper-class, but nowadays it is an essential skill that everyone should have (Dorie, 2012). Frequently perceived by the younger population that do not speak English as their first language (L1), thoughts of speaking English could lead to a prosperous career later in life. English proficiency whether it be high or low is dependent on the individual, but just as important is the teacher (in a learning/teaching environment). This paper looks into why Thailand…show more content…
English thrives on being a lingua franca in various disciplines as well as business, likewise science, diplomacy, technology and academic conferences. Henceforth, English skills consisting of a variety of aspects are of the up most importance due to the overwhelming effect of globalization. Despite prolonged attempts to enhance English education in Thailand, educators concluded that Thai learners are still underachieving, and their level of English was unsatisfactory (Phothongsunan, 2014). As English is prevalent as a global language, more emphasis and focus should be allocated towards pronunciation for Thai learners (Khamkhien, 2010). Two thousand and sixteen saw ten countries in Southeast Asia join to form one community, The Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN). One of these ten countries was Thailand, and while some countries in ASEAN are proficient in English, such as The Philippines, Thailand in stark contrast lacks behind considerably. A minority of people blame Thailand’s slow reaction and willingness to incorporate and implement English extensively into the education system on nationalistic factions that thrive on a belief that imposing the English language on Thais is against or might even destroy their culture and unique identities (Nagi, 2012). In the Philippines, English is everywhere, from street signs to cooking books. Moreover,…show more content…
The main focus is on unqualified foreign teachers, as well as underperforming Thai students which the Education Ministry needs to address. Therefore, the ministry will introduce new guidelines, and CEFR-T which is a test that has been adapted from Common European Framework of Reference for Language (CEFR). It is hoped that foreigners, especially backpackers who fail the test will be screened and will not be allowed to work. Even with a lot of unqualified foreign teachers who do not have education degrees, it is not the unqualified teachers which is the fundamental reason why Thai English skills, importantly pronunciation, are lacking behind other Asian countries and the majority of the

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