Importance Of Communication In Education

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The need to communicate effectively has increased with increased modernity. Globalization and IT revolution has brought communication to the forefront of all professional studies. With the whole world becoming a global market, the traditional view of studying English as a subject is now transformed into a way of life not only for a professional but also to a common man.A remarkable paradigm shift has taken place from learning to articulate words to learning to communicate well, from knowing to hear or read or recognize words to the reality of being able to comprehend and respond well. Therefore communication has become an important aspect of our day; to day life- be it for work, for study or just for pleasure. The fact remains that if we do not learn to master communication skills we may ruin our social as well as professional life. IMPORTANCE OF COMMUNICATION SKILLS FOR AN ENGINEER: Today young engineers have come to know the harsh reality that investing considerable time in acquiring technical skills alone does not make them successful professionals. Success is synonymous with good communication skills therefore technical skills along with soft skills is the right recipe for success in the world today. The demands the job market and business world makes on young…show more content…
While engineering subjects are viewed by all (including students as well as other teachers) as more important, subject like English is given least importance. What needs to be realized is that. English language is the only means to express the knowledge acquired in the core subjects. Therefore the first and the foremost thing that should be done, is to uplift the status of English classes in engineering colleges. There should be a change in perspective of all who demean English classes in engineering
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