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Have you ever wondered how most countries got their water supply? In Rome, they used what is called an aqueduct to supply them water. Ever since society have lived in communities and grew crops, water supply has been a key factor in the way of life in the community. Before our water system started to prosper, settlements not close to a freshwater source dug shafts to underground water tables to create wells. They would also build a tank to collect rainwater to use it later. Aqueducts, however, allowed communities to live further from a water source and to utilize land which would otherwise have been unusable for agriculture. Rome is known for many things for example: architecture, temples, roads, emperors, and sculpture. None of these would have been possible without the vital resource of water. From then to now water has been the center of…show more content…
Homeowners who could afford running water paid for it based off the width of their pipes. There are said to be many records of homeowners sneakily installing wider pipes than what they were paying for. This scam led to the invention of the calix. A calix is a sleeved pipe built into the wall, which was made to prevent any alterations. Even with regulations, some Romans tried to steal water from the source and would drain off water from the aqueduct or bribe the aqueduct technicians to do so. To the Roman people aqueducts were a source of extraordinary pride and even part of their identity. The invention of the aqueduct was probably one of the most contributing factors for the city of Rome. Without the aqueducts Rome would never have been able to grow to the huge empire it was known to be, and without water nothing can grow and survive. The aqueducts brought water for everything the city of Rome needed for example; baths, fountains, drinking water, waste removal, and more. Without these things Rome would not have been the glorious empire it was able to

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