Essay On Poor Reading Habits

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Abstract: The aim of the current study was to investigate the reasons behind Saudi learners’ poor reading skills. To this end, the objectives were to identify the reading habits of Saudi English as a Foreign Language high school learners, to understand the extent to which Saudi high learners use reading comprehension skills and to explore the perceptions of learners, teachers and supervisors regarding Saudi learners’ reading abilities. The study sample consisted of 40 Saudi high school students, 30 teachers and 10 supervisors. The students were surveyed and interviewed about their reading habits and use of reading skills, while the teachers and supervisors were interviewed to explore their perceptions about reading instruction in the Saudi context. The results revealed that most Saudi students lack the necessary reading habits. In addition, they rarely make use of important reading skills when they read English texts. This study identified “lack of exposure to target language”, “poor teaching skills and teacher training programs little attention to comprehension and more attention to reading aloud students’ lack of motivationlittle emphasis on reading skills in…show more content…
The ability to read allows one to attach meaning to written words thereby facilitating fluency and comprehension. There are numerous skills, which are extremely essential when it comes to grasping the ability to read. These include automatic recognition, synthesis and evaluation skills. Reading plays a significant role since it brings tremendous satisfaction to individuals through enabling them to be informed and enriched. Competence in reading makes it possible for readers to understand and learn how to attach meaning to various texts. In this paper, there is considerable focus on the development of English literacy and reading skills among secondary-level students in Saudi
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