Importance Of Consumer Protection

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With the advent of the industrial revolution, there are now a slew of new products flooding the market. The consumer is spoilt for choice and has a complete array of products to cater to his needs. In such a situation of perfect competition, the consumer has to make an informed decision about which product he chooses to use and why he feels that this product is better than the rest. However there is widespread lack of awareness, illiteracy and poverty plaguing the population. Moreover, there is a large, tangled web of middlemen, and unethical and untrue advertisements which further exploit the consumers. The manufacturers, traders and service providers are often highly knowledgeable about the market and attempt to use their manipulative skills…show more content…
It extends to the whole of India except the state of Jammu & Kashmir. The act provides for the setting up consumer councils and other authorities for the purpose of settling of consumer related disputes or issues. The main objective of the Act is to provide speedy, simple and just redressals to the consumers. Under the Consumer protection Act the consumer is provided with protection against the following:  Defects in the commodity such as fault, imperfection, short in the quality, quantity, potency, purity or standard.  Deficiencies in the commodity which lead to lack of ability of the product to deliver its promised utility  Unfair methods of deception to promote sales, charging above MRP, offering misleading warranty or guarantee.  Restrictive trade practices such as limiting supply to only certain distributors, price fixing or delay in supplying goods. Under the Act, the consumer has the following basic…show more content…
The above mentioned committees are set up especially to provide speedy (the case is disposed in 90 days) and accurate judgements for consumer disputes. This gives the consumers a special forum to discuss their issues, as stipulated by the Act. They provide compensation to the consumers, prohibition of sale of goods which are found to not meet the required standards. The Act was a huge step towards consumer protection and empowerment. Apart from protection against the aforementioned evils, the Act also stipulates that consumer awareness is very important and various workshops and seminars should be given to the consumers to make them aware of their rights. The consumer protection organizations also issue various journals and periodicals in which they expose unfair trade practices and exploitators of the unsuspecting public. They also publish various encouraging articles about ethical businessmen and pushing favourable reports to the forefront. The consumer protection organizations act as links between the customers waiting to file complaints and the business organizations. The Act brings together the consumers as a collective body and urges them to fight for their rights, thus bringing about a positive and ethical change in

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