Consumer Protection Case Study

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Introduction In this era’s global,there are many problems happened in Malaysia.This can be seen in consumer’s problems that having to make decisions in choosing products and services daily or to get protection as a consumer.For example, when a consumer got problems with a service that given by seller such got a things that damaged,then we do not know how to solve it,how to get a protection in consumer problems. In view of the importance of protecting the basic rights of consumer,the United Nations Assembly has adopted the United Nations Guidelines for Consumer Protection on 9 April 1985.Since then,United Nations member countries have used these guidelines as a reference and have passed consumer protection or related legislations according…show more content…
This act can be divide into a few specifications.For example we can see about the preliminary,misleading and deceptive conduct,false representation and unfair practice,unfair contract terms and so on.In this act we can use as a guideline not only for goods but is also can be used for service if there is a problem with service that provide by seller. For the first section,we can see interpretation of the items that can be used in Consumer Law.Part two of this act is about misleading and deceptive conduct,false representation and unfair practice.Section 8 of this act said that “false,misleading or deceptive in relation to conduct,representation or practice,includes conduct,representation or practice which is capable of leading a consumer into

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