Continuity In Duck Soup

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The medium of film has been developing rapidly for over a century with no sign of slowing down, due to its irrefutably important presence in popular culture and media distribution. It stands among the behemoths of our generation in regards to economical importance, artistic representation and general entertainment of the populace across the entire world. Hollywood and has established an immense industry on conventional filmmaking, but many films and art pieces have broken the conventions set by this industry or have simply been around before genre conventions have been established. This essay will examined several influences for the conceptual Idea of our film: "Slam!" and how we hope to realize our ideas in the film, referring primarily to the comedy film "Duck Soup".…show more content…
The principle of continuity comes from the idea that a film is to represent an interpretation of reality, meaning that objects, people and set pieces cannot inexplicably shift or vanish during a shot change. However, some films such as the 1933 comedy film "Duck Soup" by the Marx Brothers made liberal usage of breaking continuity for the sake of comedy. During a scene in "Duck Soup", Groucho Marx is seen wearing a different hat during each line he delivers, without showing him actually changing hats, proving to be very effective for comedy as the sudden break of reality is used for humour (The Guardian, 2015). I hope to implement this notion of deliberate continuity breaks in "Slam!" Our protagonist is capable of manipulating the film itself, transforming beers into coffee, making cassette players appear out of seemingly nowhere and manipulating scene-changes in the film at will. These instances will not be shown as conventional uses of an omnipotent superpower, but will make it clear that the protagonist is self-aware and can alter continuity at

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