Customs Agency Theory

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This review will highlight the various complications associated tourism and the theory that create the framework for this research. In order to effectively understand the framework of this study one must first identify the fundamental concept of this study. The importance of this research is to identify the problems that Customs Agencies face because of tourism. To first set the foundation, highlighting the key terms used in the study. Tourism is a dynamic and competitive industry that involves the ability to adapt continuously to customers changing wants and requirements, as the customer’s pleasure, protection and enjoyment are particularly the focus of tourism businesses. Customs Agency can be described as an authority within the country,…show more content…
There have been various problems that have been related to this issue. Border protection is an important to every country. Tourism has an impact on world trade, the most critical international trade contract that concerns tourism is the GATS, the General Agreement on Trade and Services which favors free trade, has set up many obligations and techniques that member states must to input. However the General Agreement on Trade and Services (GATS) is known as a World Trade Organization arrangement with the aim to take away limitations and internal government procedures that have been considered to be barriers to trade. It is nevertheless questionable, who the beneficiaries of GATS . Tourism is the unseen export business, this means that there is no touchable product to deliver. Tourism, just like banking, the consumer can collect the service individually from the point of…show more content…
The tourism sector has a vast effect on the economy of many countries. It is important to keep this industry safe and ensure any bad effects caused within this field can be determined. Even though the travel industry can bring many aids economically and culturally, it can be noted that there are some side effects of tourism, which can be harmful. Globally, countries need to address this negativity by conveying in different rules. “Security is by far the utmost important piece of the macro environment for tourism, with seeming safety difficulties and linked with border security actions which is known to influence in a negative manner on the demand for air travel” (Smith and Carmichael,

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