British Bulkers Csr Analysis

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METHODOLOGY In order to identify and evaluate the extent to which British Bulkers applies CSR in its business, both secondary and primary research was held. More specifically, secondary information about the company was collected through its corporate website. Moreover, online sources were used to analyze the external environment of British Bulkers, while articles and textbooks were also used, in order to analyze the importance of CSR in business in general and the shipping business in specific. As far as primary research is concerned, this was held in the form of semi-structured interview with Mr. Athanasios Goulioumis, Sales Director of British Bulkers. His answers, in combination with information drawn from the official website of the…show more content…
Goulioumis, important information about British Bulkers and its internal environment was gathered, both in general, and in terms of the company’s CSR initiatives. In combination with the information collected through the company’s website, the following strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats emerged: Strengths Full package of ship management services Novel economic and overall business performance during the last five years Safety, quality, honesty, and dedication the core business values of the…show more content…
This has put downward pressures on prices of goods and commodities of shippers, who in turn press forwarders to offer better freight rates, so as to reduce their operating costs and offer lower prices to consumers. At the same time, global consumers are also highly interested in the extent to which companies are socially responsible, mainly as far as business honesty, safety, and environmental protection are concerned. Technological conditions The shipping industry is characterized by rapid advancements in technologies. Such technologies mainly refer to new sailing and safety technologies and equipment, which give shipping companies the ability to operate their ships more safely and efficiently. At the same time, information technologies also add to the above objectives, since they also give shipping companies the ability to constantly communicate with their ships, while ship masters and crew members can have access to important data concerning their voyages at real time, thereby further enhancing their safer and more efficient operation. Economic

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