Dalit Literature Essay

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In the post globalization scenario, human rights have become a serious topic for perennial debate among social scientists, scholars, philosophers, intellectuals, and statesmen. Marginalization and suppression based on caste, religion and community occupies a vital position in such studies. India is one of the fastest growing and developing countries of the world; yet it also has the society that follows the caste system. Caste system in India is deeply rooted and prevalent in India since time immemorial. In recent times, Dalit literatures in India are on the rise focusing its experiences of discrimination, violence and poverty of Dalits. Dalits have expressed their trauma very delicately and clearly in a much uncomplicated manner in their writings and hence their literature became a tool of resistance. Their literature does convey a message to the Dalit community that they will never accomplish respectable position in the society unless they resist against all the wrongs done to them. Both Annabhau Sathe, the Marathi writer and Jayan K Cherian, the…show more content…
The police turns brutal and adamant and issues order of compulsory attendance, with the Dalits being declared as a criminal community. They also remove Vishnupant –the supporter of the poorest. The heavy weight of insult of them being tagged as criminals was all too high to tolerate and this makes Fakira to ransack the British wealth kept under the surveillance of a Brahmin. He does not execute the job deftly like a thief but rather he openly and bravely challenges the Brahmin to hand over the keys. Eventually, after the whole- night- war Fakira’s paramount humanitarian spirit wins and he distributes the fifty thousand rupees amongst them equally. Fakira here affirms that, “all of us have to die one day but I desires to live and die as a lion.” ( Fakira

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