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HUGO Hugo is a movie, set in a Train station in Paris. Hugo's home is in the train station walls.he has to live in the walls because of his fathers death when he was younger. His uncle had to take him to live with him in the train station but soon his uncle leaves him and Hugo lives on his own . The erra it is set in is 1930's so just after world war 1 so you can imagine how busy the train station would be . The setting is very warm and has a steampunk feel about it.Paris resembles a clock because it never stops moving . The train station would of been the most busiest places as it was very popular in the 1930's due to not being able to afford cars so people would transport with trains instead of cars. There are tons of characters in Hugo…show more content…
He is very clumsy because of his leg that has got a brace on it . When he was in World War 1 he wounded his leg and now wears a brace on it. He takes little homeless children in the train station away and hands them to the orphanage. Those are some of the main characters in the movie. You see the characters change through their development and how the go from scared to brave or from having no heart to having a heart . They change because the try new things that the havent done before. The Automaton is a machine that does one thing it can either dance,draw and magician used them in magic shows. Hugo and his father were making one until Hugo's father died , Hugo continues to make the Automaton but is missing one very crucial part ,a key in the shape of a love heart. Isabelle has the heart shaped key on her necklace on her neck she got it from her Mum . they soon make a great friendship. Isabelle soon gives the key to Hugo. When Hugo puts the key into the Automaton it doesn't do anything and he thinks it broken but then it soon moves and draws out a moon with a bullet in its eye. Hugo recognizes the moon with the bullet in the eye from the first movie him and his dad

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