Glass Ceiling

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billion people is built on inequality of various forms. This country is built on male supremacy; the false idea that men need to be in control of corporate businesses. The United States is built on the deception of freedom and opportunity. Women need to spread awareness that their self-worth as a woman is not found within the length of her hair, but rather her thoughts that reside in the deepest crevices of her heart and brain. An excellent example is Elle Woods from the movie “Legally Blonde”. In this movie, there is a sorority woman named Elle Woods who decides to pursue Law at Harvard Law School. She lands an internship with the most well-known law firm. She soon finds out that she was only accepted because of how beautiful she was, not because of her success in the practice. The professor’s intentions were not noble, they were shallow. After she quits, she pursues the case the law firm was working on by herself. She manages to win the case and prove the accused woman innocent. This movie is a perfect example because to her mentor, she was not measured by her intellect and recent success, but rather by her looks. Elle Woods took matters into her own hands and fought to prove her mentor wrong.…show more content…
Glass ceiling is an implied figure of speech for women in the workplace. The term explains a woman’s inability to advance forward in her profession, completely ignoring their qualifications and experience. The cause of this Glass Ceiling issue is misogyny. Women are taught at a young age to believe that women cannot achieve the best in her profession. Headlines portray women’s success in the business world are completely misleading. Women are not simply bumping into a glass ceiling, they do not have the option to bypass it. Ann Morrison describes the problem: the glass ceiling is a barrier "so subtle that it is transparent, yet so strong that it prevents women from moving up the corporate hierarchy”

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